FOUND IN: The Butterfly Habitat Garden

People walking through our gardens have found this many Echinacea flowers. Visit our gardens in person and let us know how many you find!

450 echinacea flowers

Let's Move! with Smithsonian Gardens

Exercise Your Body and Your Mind

Let's Move logoHere at Smithsonian Gardens, we feel that public gardens are perfect places for visitors to exercise their bodies and their minds. To help put this into action, Smithsonian Gardens has created a program in conjunction with Let's Move!, First Lady Michelle Obama's initiative dedicated to promoting physical fitness and healthy diet choices. Let's Move! with Smithsonian Gardens fosters physical activity by navigating visitors throughout Smithsonian Gardens while at the same time engaging them with our horticulture and history. This scavenger hunt encourages visitors to be active while learning from our collections and starts a conversation about gardening, health and history in communities beyond our gardens.

Panels in each of the Smithsonian gardens provide visitors with fun facts about that garden's history as well as fun ways to be active in the garden. Our Let's Move! Healthy Hunt Guide and the extended edition are also available for download. This guide serves as a map for a scavenger hunt throughout Smithsonian Gardens and across the National Mall. We encourage visitors to count their steps while searching for hidden treasures from our collections. Tell us the number of steps you took during your exploration by tweeting the total to @SIGardens. You can also tweet us a picture at any point in your journey!

After completing the hunt, Smithsonian Gardens' visitors are invited to extend their garden experience by searching for garden treasures in their own neighborhoods. We want to see how our visitors "move" in their gardens as well as ours. These treasures and stories can be added to Smithsonian Gardens' online community on Flickr.

Ultimately, Smithsonian Gardens hopes to promote healthy living through fun and engaging activities that encourage visitors to explore our gardens and their own. Help us spread the word about Let’s Move! with Smithsonian Gardens and inspire others to exercise their minds and bodies.

Get out in the gardens and let's get moving!

Photos from our Let's Move Flickr stream

Let's Move Brochures

Let's Move! with Smithsonian Gardens brochures

Download these handy guides for your garden treasure hunt around the National Mall.

Let's Move Garden Panel

Come Move with us in the Gardens

Can you find all ten of our Let’s Move! panels in the Smithsonian Gardens? Snap a picture and post it to our Flickr page to show how you move in Smithsonian Gardens!