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Our mission at Smithsonian Gardens is to enrich the Smithsonian experience by extending the museum experience into an outdoor living classroom. We hope that the gardens tours and events in our gardens as well as our activity packages will help youth to exercise both their mind and body in the gardens around the Smithsonian and ultimately in their own community.

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Community of Gardens Mobile App

Smithsonian Gardens is excited to announce the mobile app companion to the Community of Gardens digital archive, now available for Apple devices (Android coming soon). Community of Gardens is the Smithsonian’s digital home for sharing and preserving the stories of gardens and the gardeners who make them grow. Explore stories from around the country, and share your story today!

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Exhibition: Beautiful Blooms at the National Postal MuseumCultivating Communication Workshop Learn

Join us on July 10th for “Cultivating Communication”—a free seminar for upper elementary and middle school educators. Using Smithsonian Gardens’ Community of Garden program as a foundation, teachers will receive training on how to establish an intergenerational pen pal project with their students and members of their communities.

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Cultivating America's Gardens

Cultivating America's Gardens
Online Exhibit

American garden-making has evolved over time, shaped by history, social attitudes, the environment, and new ideas. Illustrating this history with books and other materials from their vast holdings, the Smithsonian Libraries and Smithsonian Gardens take us on a special kind of garden tour.


Watch, Listen, and Learn

Audio and visual material that highlights some of the magnificient gardens, plants, and collections of Smithsonian Gardens!

Educational Materials and Activities

As a public garden, archives, and living museum, Smithsonian Gardens offers educational packages that include activities and resources you can use in your home, classroom, or community.

Garbage to Gardens

Garbage to Gardens

‘Garbage to Gardens’ is a set of lessons designed to introduce students to the concept of the “recycled garden.”


Cultivating Habitat

The main focus of these lessons is for students to find connections between the natural world, biodiversity, and art.

Smithsonian Castle

History in Bloom

Visitors gain a wider appreciation of how gardens preserve the culture of Victorian America, as well as the Smithsonian’s long history of collecting plants and educating visitors about natural history.

Beacon Hill Garden

Archives Alive!: Learning from Landscapes Past, Cultivating Garden Memories for the Future

Uses the collection of historic and contemporary garden photographs from the Archives of American Gardens to explore the meaning of landscapes and gardens right outside their doorways.


Orchids Around Us

Use the lessons in this package to learn about specific types of orchids, their appearance, habitats, uses, and cultural significance and history.

Rose queen spider-flower

Trees of the Smithsonian

The Smithsonian Gardens Tree Collection is the base for activities that can be done in your neighborhood, community park, local public garden, or arboretum.