Archives of American Gardens Virtual Volunteer

Help the Archives Staff identify and tag its online images

You can help make the Archives of American Gardens' images in the Smithsonian's Collections Search Center more accessible. Professional catalogers in museums, archives and libraries are constrained by cataloging rules that do not always accommodate the language of the everyday user. By tagging an image, you are helping AAG provide another way for users to access that image.

How to Become Virtual Volunteer Tagger

1. Click on any one of the categories below to view images showing unidentified gardens or favorite garden styles in the Archives of American Gardens.

2. Scroll through the search results. Click on any thumbnail image to begin tagging.

3. Use single words or short phrases to tag everything from the types of plants to the structures, objects, people, or any details you notice in the tagging box!

The Collections Search Center

Found at, The Collections Search Center allows for searches on over 7.4 million records, with over a half million images, video and sound files from Smithsonian museums, archives, and libraries including Archives of American Gardens records in SIRIS, Archives of American Gardens' records can be searched by garden type or style, garden name, landscape designer, geographic location, date and/or photographer to name just a few access points.